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How To Prepare Your Staff For A Corporate Photoshoot

Corporate photoshoot

How To Prepare Your Staff For A Corporate Photoshoot

In the modern world of business, employee photos are not just images, they’re powerful tools that can boost your brand image and showcase your company’s professionalism to potential clients. Organizing a corporate photoshoot, especially for staff headshots, can significantly contribute to forming a positive impression of your company. However, pulling off a successful shoot requires careful planning, consistent effort, and a level of adaptability. Moreover, the role of an experienced professional photographer is paramount to capture the essence of your team. If you’re wondering how to prepare your staff for a corporate photoshoot, you’re in the right place. We’ve got some tips to help things go smoothly. 

Organizing a Staff Headshot Session

When planning a staff headshot session, the first step involves defining your objective. This might be a task best undertaken with your marketing or public relations teams, as staff headshots can significantly improve your company’s professional image and communicate your unique culture and ambiance.

It’s important for your leadership team to decide where and how these staff headshots and business photos will be utilized. They could be featured on your company website, sales materials, brochures, an ‘About Us” page, or as bios for your team members. Regardless of the primary purpose of your business photo shoot, ensure that there is consensus within the leadership team before booking a professional headshot photographer.

Consider the following questions as you start organizing a staff headshot session:

  • What purpose will the staff headshot photos serve?

  • What impression do we want to convey to our clients or potential clients through these images?

  • Are we aiming to project an image of a friendly and fun-loving team, or a serious and trustworthy one?

  • Do we have an appropriate background in our office or business area for a staff headshot or business photo session?

Once these questions are answered, you can start discussing your ideas with a professional headshot photographer. Their expert advice will guide you on the best approach to create staff headshots that resonate with your company’s vision and culture, whether you’re a young tech startup or a mature law firm.

6 Ways to Prepare Your Staff for a Business Photo Shoot

Deciding to organize a staff photo shoot day is only the first step; ensuring your entire team is adequately prepared is equally important. Proper organization and preparation not only pave the way for a successful photoshoot but also simplify the process, making it more manageable for everyone involved. Moreover, it guarantees a smooth experience, allowing your staff to enjoy the process rather than viewing it as an added task. To help you achieve this, we’ve compiled six effective ways to prepare your staff for a business photo shoot.

  1. Schedule Everything

Efficiency in a staff photo shoot starts with a well-structured schedule. It is essential to craft a detailed timeline that includes not only the duration of the shoot but also extra time for any unexpected circumstances. This additional time should cater to activities like setting up and breaking down equipment. Sharing a clear plan of the day with your staff ensures everyone is ready and knows what to expect. If the shoot is set to happen outdoors, make sure to have a backup plan in case the weather doesn’t cooperate. Including your building manager in the distribution of the schedule is also important. This prevents conflict with other activities during your selected time slot, ensuring a seamless and productive photo shoot.

  1. Time Management

Time management plays a vital role in the success of a photo shoot. To ensure an uninterrupted process, it is recommended to clear your schedule for the day of the shoot, allowing for any unexpected extensions that may occur. If there are specific deadlines for the photographs, proactively scheduling the shoot several weeks in advance provides the photographer with ample time for meticulous editing and preparation. A good practice often includes starting the photo shoot early in the day, perhaps an hour after the beginning of the business day, maximizing productivity and efficiency.

  1. Make a List

Creating a comprehensive list is an effective method for seamless coordination during a photoshoot. This list can include key details such as the locations of the shoot, the participants involved, wardrobe choices, and other important specifics. By having this information readily available, everyone involved in the shoot will be well informed about their roles, where they need to be, and at what time This proactive approach ensures smooth operations and minimizes potential misunderstandings or delays.

  1. Communicate Instructions with Staff

Clear and timely communication with your staff is crucial for a successful business photo shoot. Inform your team well in advance about the arrival of the professional photographer and provide them with all the necessary details. This step helps eliminate any potential confusion and enables your staff to prepare adequately for the event. When your staff are well informed and feel prepared, they can relax and present their best selves during the shoot, contributing to high-quality, authentic photographs.

  1. Send Reminders

Once the date and time for the business photoshoot have been established, it’s important to send out a notice to your staff well in advance. This initial communication should be followed up with subsequent reminders as the date approaches. For instance, reminders could be sent out two weeks prior and then again one week before the scheduled shoot. These reminders should contain all important information that the staff will need for the shoot, such as the exact timing, wardrobe specifications, and any other relevant instructions. This strategy ensures everyone is well informed and prepared, contributing to a smooth and successful photoshoot.

  1. Determine Appropriate Attire

The choice of attire can significantly influence the results of a business photo shoot. It’s essential to communicate with your staff about any specific wardrobe requirements well in advance. If you’re aiming for a conservative, corporate look, you may want ment to wear a jacket and tie, while women could wear a dress or blouse. 

While there are many stereotypes related to what one should wear for a business photo shoot, like avoiding patterns, laters, or stripes, modern camera technology has mitigated some of these issues. However, here are a few guidelines that can be helpful:

  1. If your company has specific corporate colors, suggest that staff members incorporate them into their outfits.

  2. Ensure that clothes are clean and well-pressed for a polished appearance.

  3. If anyone plans to wear new clothes for the shoot, they should try them on beforehand to ensure a good fit.

  4. Clothes should fit well; avoid baggy bulky or ill-fitting clothing as it can detract from the overall image.

  5. Jewelry should be kept simple and minimal to avoid drawing attention away from the individual.

Schedule Your Business Photo Shoot With Eclipsed Sky Studio

Scheduling your business photo shoot well in advance is a vital step in the planning process. Ideally, you should book a minimum of 2 to 3 weeks prior to the desired date. THis lead time allows you to plan, prepare and communicate the details to your staff. To ensure that you don’t forget this important event, add it to both your personal and company calendars. Additionally, it’s wise to allocate a few extra hours for the shoot, as the process can sometimes extend beyond the anticipated duration. This ensures that you are not rushed and can achieve the high quality professional photos that you desire. You can Book your Photoshoot with Eclipsed Sky Studio here.


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