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The Impact of Video in Automotive Marketing

With the advent of social media, video marketing has become popular. There are still so many businesses that do not understand the power of video marketing to connect and engage a wider audience.

When it comes to automotive marketing, the internet is widely ignored because most of the car dealership businesses operate locally. But in the era of content making, your automotive dealership business marketing needs to update to generate more revenue. Even if visitors do not buy, the video content on your website will last an elongate impression upon the visitor.

Why are videos more beneficial for marketing?

Here are the three reasons to start video marketing for your dealership.

  • Improve Seo for your Website

Videos greatly help in improving the SEO for your website. With the right video description and keywords, your videos will boost ranking on Google search engines.

  • Increase engagement

People highly appreciate when they get a chance to share their experiences and opinions on the comment section. This helps in increasing engagement in each of your video posts. Comment sections of videos boost more engagement than written content on websites.

  • More knowledgeable content

Information through videos is far better and understandable than written content. In video content, you can display speed, sound, and all the features that are hard to describe and imagine through reading.

Here are 8 great ways through which video can help you make a great impact on the audience.

1. New Model Video

New automotive model videos are very popular among the audience. Whenever a new model hits the market, make an in-depth review in a video covering all of its strengths, features, and updates from the previous model. This will not only help you in building your brand, but it will also create anticipation among buyers before the model hits the market for sale.

2. Testimonial Videos

Statistics show that watch time of videos related to “test drive” have increased by 65%. Testimonial videos are great to earn the trust of the newcomers. They serve as social proof to all the new customers that buying cars either pre-owned or new from your dealership is a good choice. You should also make a proper section for service videos where your automotive dealership service department has gone beyond its limits to satisfy customers’ needs.

3. Seasonal Videos

You should create a calendar for the type of video content presenting at a different time period of the year. For instance, when the temperature outside increases, what should automobile owners need to know? What type of maintenance is required if the temperature falls? From rainy seasons to road trips, there are so many topics that one can create informative videos on. Google highly ranks seasonal videos, so mark your calendar for each event and make videos accordingly.

4. Staff introductory Videos

Make videos introducing people working with you in running your dealership business. These videos are not only good for your dealership business, but it will also make your website personal. Moreover, people like to buy from those whom they know, trust, and like. The introductory staff videos will buy you the loyalty of customers to your dealership.

5. Showcase Brand Videos

Instead of going around the town for promotion, make a video showcasing your brand. Statistics shows that 74% of car buyers watch branded video before making a purchase. Make videos on every type of business financing that is available at your automotive dealership. Showcase your dealership business and include all the products in videos separately that you are selling. Present your business in a systematic way to showcase all the community initiatives you have taken other than running your business.

6. Situational Videos

Statistics shows that more than 88% of internet users spend more time watching videos. Therefore, you should create videos for every type of situation people may need help in. For example, how to check the battery of your car? When your vehicle needs a tire change? How to check car brakes etc. Reach everyone out there with your videos.

7. 360-degree Interior Video of Featured Model

Make 360-degree interior views of your new model. A video viewers can watch from the comfort of their couch helps buyers better understand the product. 64% of the viewers are influenced to buy products after watching a video.

8. Walk-around Videos

People love to watch things that they are not normally exposed to. If your automotive dealership business is new or in the process of creation, like the construction of projects, moving to a new place, adding a new department, sponsoring, or any new change or update that you are bringing in your business. Youtube has reported a 100% increase in video consumption each year. You don’t need to hire big production companies to make a fancy video. A little focused and simple video can do the job.

After successful video creation, it’s time to use that video efficiently and effectively. Decide on where you want to post other than your website. Using videos for your marketing campaign for your dealership is the best way to boost traffic on your website. Though it requires a good amount of time, skills, and efforts, it will be worth everything in the end. If you need advice or you would prefer the professionals to create the video for you, contact us at and we shall be happy to help.

-Avery Philips

CEO of Eclipsed Sky Studios

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