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Things That Could Ruin Your Headshot Session

 Things That Could Ruin Your Headshot Session

Things That Could Ruin Your Headshot Session

Are you getting ready to have some headshots taken? Whether it’s for a job, a modeling portfolio, or just an unforgettable profile picture - your headshot needs to look great! But with all of the preparation that goes into making sure that everything lines up perfectly for the big day, there are certain things that could ruin your headshot session. From grooming and clothing issues to posing mistakes, here’s what you should avoid if you want your headshot session to come out looking its best.

Your Hair:

Ensuring your hair looks its best is crucial for a successful headshot. While we strive to provide excellent hair styling on the day of your session, It’s important to take some pre-session steps to avoid any disappointments with the final results. Here are a few helpful tips to consider:

  1. Avoid drastic hair changes before your headshot session. Making a sudden style or color change can disrupt the overall look of your photos. It takes time to get accustomed to a new look, and seeing yourself in ultra HD with a brand-new hair color might leave you feeling less than satisfied.

  2. Don’t schedule a haircut within 72 hours of your shoot. While we do encourage maintaining a well-groomed appearance, it’s best to allow a few days for your haircut to settle. We suggest getting a haircut 5-7 days prior to your session unless you have a cropped or military-style cut or a clean-shaven head.

  3. Come prepared with your hair tools. While New York may offer beautiful weather, it’s important to be prepared for the occasional humidity and rain. To ensure your hair stays looking great throughout the headshot session, pack essentials such as a straightener, hair dryer, and any necessary hair products.

By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your headshot captures you at your best, with hair that enhances your overall appearance.

Your Clothes:

Choosing the right clothing for a photo shoot can be stressful, but it’s important to focus on the right things. Here are some helpful pointers to ensure you look your best on camera:

  1. Bring Options: Even if you have a scheduled session with just one look, it’s always beneficial to have at least one extra outfit on hand. As professionals, we can provide advice on what will photograph well and what won’t. Don’t forget to bring a jacket, as most sessions capture images from the waist up.

  2. Prepare your clothes: Before the shoot, make sure your clothes are pressed and free of stains. Remember, we can’t photoshop that wadded-up shirt into a perfectly starched look. Plan ahead to ensure your clothing looks its best in the final images. Remove any pet hair, steam the sleeves, and press those collars.

  3. Focus on fit: if you’ve recently lost weight, that’s fantastic! However, it’s important to make sure your clothing still fits well. Losing weight can affect the fit, especially at the shoulders and neck. Similarly, gaining a little weight is more forgiving in photos, but the fit at the shoulders and neck remains crucial. Take the time to try on all your clothes before the shoot to ensure they flatter your figure.

Your Skin:

Improve your skin for your headshot session with these simple tips:

  1. Hire a makeup artist: Let a professional even out your skin tone, hide the dark under your eyes, and perfect your eyebrows.

  2. Watch your diet: Avoid alcohol, sodium, and excessive carbs in the days leading up to your shoot. Your food choices can impact how you look.

  3. Stay hydrated: Bring water with you and drink plenty in the days before your shoot. Hydrated skin looks better in photos.

  4. Tackle the shine: Summertime means everyone gets shiny. Use powder or oil absorbent papers to control shine and avoid distracting reflections.

Give yourself enough time on the day of your shoot to pack everything you need. Take a moment to breathe and relax - it’s going to be a fun experience!


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