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Best Places To Take Photos In New York City

Best Places to take photos in Newyork City

Best Places To Take Photos In New York City

The city of New York offers a multitude of captivating sights and experiences. It’s renowned worldwide for its diverse attractions, and it would take a lifetime to fully explore everything this bustling metropolis has to offer. Among its most iconic features are the impressive architectural wonders like the Flatiron Building, the Chrysler Building, and the Empire State Building, which form the city’s unforgettable skyline as you enter Manhattan.

If you’re keen on capturing the essence of New York City in photographs, we’ve compiled a list of the best places to take photos in newyork city for photography enthusiasts. We’ve created a walking tour that will take you to these exceptional spots, so be sure to wear your most comfortable shoes and get ready for a memorable photography adventure in the Big Apple!

Central Park

Central Park Newyork

Central Park, with its vast 840 acres of natural beauty set against the backdrop of towering skyscrapers, is undeniably one of the most exceptional photography locations in New York City. The heart of the park beats at the iconic Bethesda Terrace and Bethesda Fountain, and you can’t overlook the Metropolitan Museum of Art, affectionately known as “The Met,” located on 5th Avenue. Visiting Central Park during different seasons offers unique natural spectacles. In the spring, you can see a lot of Cherry Blossom trees in full bloom. If you choose to explore the park in the fall, you’ll be treated to the dazzling array of autumnal hues adorning the trees, making it the prime season for capturing those striking fall colors. The most authentic way to experience Central Park, like a true New Yorker, is to simply unwind beneath a tree with a picnic and savor the serene views. In this bustling city that never seems to sleep, Central Park offers a rate oasis where time appears to slow down.

Gapstow Bridge

Gapstow Bridge

Within the expanse of Central Park, there is a charming stone bridge that provides a breathtaking vista of the Manhattan skyline. From this vantage point, you can take in the sight of Iconic New York Structures such as the Plaza Hotel, alongside the awe-inspiring sight of towering, ultra-modern skyscrapers that are constantly under construction. This bridge appears to be frozen in a different era, even as the rest of the city evolves and transforms, creating a truly magical backdrop for capturing memorable photographs.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met)

The Met Museum of Art

Situated on the eastern side of Central Park, The Metropolitan Museum of Art stands out as one of the most picturesque places for photography in New York City!

Its magnificent halls are filled from floor to ceiling with historic art, sculptures, and captivating exhibitions that can keep you in a state of wonder all day long. Notably, it ranks as the fifth most visited museum in the entire world!

Moreover, be sure to take a photograph in your favorite art wing, there’s an abundance of them to explore! We’ve also heard about a stunning city view from the rooftop.

For Photography spots at The Met, consider snapping a picture of the main lobby ceiling or the building’s facade beautifully illuminated at night. And for those looking to capture memorable photos without spending a dime, venture to the Met Steps. 

The Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge

Built in 1883, the Brooklyn Bridge is an iconic symbol that immediately comes to mind when thinking of New York City. This remarkable suspended bridge spans a distance of 2 Kilometers, connecting Brooklyn to Manhattan Island. Its impressive architectural design leaves a lasting impression on all who behold it.

Not only is it the most beautiful bridge in the city and one of the most frequently photographed sites in New York City, but it also offers breathtaking views of the New York Skyline. Walking or biking across the Brooklyn Bridge provides excellent opportunities to capture some stunning shots.

Once you arrive in Brooklyn, make your way to Brooklyn Bridge Park, where you can admire Jane’s Carousel, a wooden carousel dating back to 1922, its beauty is truly magnificent!

Flatiron Building

Flatiron Building

Constructed in 1902, the Flatiron building has a rich history as one of New York’s earliest skyscrapers. Its distinctive 22-story steel-framed design was groundbreaking for its time. Its historical significance combined with its unique shape, has made it a prominent subject of countless photographs over the years.

The building earned its famous nickname the “Flatiron” due to its uncanny resemblance to a wedge-shaped clothing iron. 

The best times to photograph the Flatiron Building are during the golden hours, which occur just after sunrise and before sunset. The soft, warm light enhances the building’s beauty, casting long shadows and giving your photos a magical touch.

Coney Island

Coney Island Newyork city

Conry Island, a Brooklyn neighborhood that was once an island and now a peninsula along the Atlantic coast, is a captivating spot for photographers. With its vintage seaside charm, Coney Island offers diverse settings for unique photo opportunities.

The iconic Wonder Wheel, a Ferris wheel known for its social media popularity, provides a colorful and dynamic backdrop for striking photos. Meanwhile, the Coney Art Walls Street Art Museum showcases the vibrant works of local artists, making it a must-visit for those who appreciate urban culture.

A visit to Coney Island wouldn’t be complete without savoring the world-famous hotdogs at Nathan’s. While the title of “best” hotdogs may be debated, tasting them is a must. Capture the moment with a selfie in front of the legendary Nathan’s establishment.

Statue Of Liberty

Statue of Liberty Newyork

Whether you’re a fan of tourist attractions or prefer a more off-the-beaten-path experience, the Statue of Liberty is an undeniable icon of New York City. A little-known fact is that this colossal statue was a generous gift from France, symbolizing the enduring friendship between the two nations.

To admire if properly, treat yourself to a cruise. While on board, you’ll find many opportunities to capture breathtaking photographs of the Manhattan skyline. Renowned for its stunning beauty, it’s often considered one of the most picturesque skylines in the world.

The choice of your cruise tour provider can make all the difference in your experience. Some tours may even allow you to disembark on Liberty Island, the home of the iconic statue itself. This upclose encounter with Lady Liberty is an extraordinary experience, enabling you to explore the island and capture exceptional shots of this remarkable symbol of freedom and democracy.

Times Square

Times Square New York

When you think about great places to take pictures in New York City, one of the best spots that probably comes to mind is Times Square. It’s famous for its massive billboards, bright neon signs, and the diverse and fascinating people you’ll encounter.

The bustling atmosphere, Broadway shows, and various entertainment options in this area are hard to resist, especially if it’s your first time visiting the city!

If you’re looking to capture the vibrant colors and lively spirit of Midtown, Manhattan, consider coming early in the morning to void crowds. However, if you are here for New York City street photography, grab your film camera and immerse yourself in the people passing by.

Keep an eye out for “Characters” who might try to jump into your photos - this is often a scam, so it’s best not to accept their offers to be in your pictures, While it can be fun to visit during the busiest times, be mindful of pickpockets as well

Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station Newyork

The central hall of this train station is an incredible piece of architecture. Situated in the heart of Manhattan, it holds the distinction of being the world’s largest train station.

The station boasts several notable features, one of which is the four-sided clock positioned above the information desk. The value of each of its brass and opal faces is rumored to exceed 10 million dollars!

Direct your sight to the ceiling which is covered with more than 2,500 paintings by artist Paul Cesar Helleu. The fresco represents the zodiac constellations and was once covered by a black layer of nicotine.

Restored in 1999, the ceiling is now impeccable. However, you may notice a small black rectangle, left as is as a reminder of the pollution caused by cigarettes in the past.

Finally, you can also see and photograph the largest Tiffany glass clock in the world. It is on display outside the building, on 42nd Street.

In conclusion, New York City is truly a treasure trove for those who love to capture moments. Be it the iconic Brooklyn Bridge, lively Times Square, or peaceful Central Park, there’s a story waiting to be told. It’s the city’s unique blend of architecture, culture and landscapes that make every picture worth a thousand words. So grab your camera, hit the streets, and let the Big Apply surprise you! or schedule a photoshoot with one of our talented Flytographers.


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